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Hindu University of America (HUA) is a shared platform, transformational institution, and unique contemporary endeavor.

We know superficial and short-term thinking threaten our species' very existence. As a Hindu-American, I believe we can and need to create space in academia for sanatan-dharma, which can help us address the challenges we face through an evidence based practical application of interdisciplinary solutions guided by our spirituality. 

Broadly, I am trying to align my beliefs with my actions and Hindu University of America is the vehicle which allows me to do so.

Please join me in supporting this important organization by donating what you can. 

ABOUT DCF-HUA-Rejuvenation-2018

Dharma Civilization Foundation has made a commitment to partner with 'Hindu University of America' (HUA), aiming to rejuvenate HUA and develop it into a premier world-class university. We aspire to create a Center of Excellence for Hindu thought, an institution of higher learning for the Hindu Civilization, its intellectual and spiritual traditions, and its knowledge traditions by attracting some of the best faculty and potential students. Click Here to read more about this initiative. 

DCF proposes to raise a Seed fund of $ 6 Million as early as possible. We invite you to participate in this Maha Yagna by contributing in whatever way you can: 

Donate today by Check (preferably)

Checks may be written in favor of Dharma Civilization Foundation and mailed to the following address: 19010 Tribune Street, Porter Ranch CA 91326. 

Alternately, you can make a contribution online by Clicking on the Green Donate Button to the right. 


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Ankur Patel 05/12/2019 $100.00  
  Total $100.00  
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