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ARSHA VIDYA BHARATI's Fundraising Page

Hello all, 

This is my personal request to you to participate in this Fund Raising Yagnya to rejuvenate and revitalize the Hindu University of America, in Florida.

Please make a contribution today.  With best wishes for a glorious 2020!

जीवनं भवतः / भवत्याः सार्थकं भवतु !
(May your life be worthwhile !) 

ABOUT DCF-HUA-Rejuvenation-2019

In 2018, Dharma Civilization Foundation made a commitment to rejuvenate 'Hindu University of America' (HUA), and develop it into a Center of Excellence for Hindu thought, and into a world class University. Click Here to read more about this initiative. In the last year, with DCF's support, Hindu University of America has made rapid progress, launched a new website and learning management system, has announced 9 programs, 65+ courses and has enrolled more than 80 students. 

In the 2018, we raised over $ 400,000 against a target of $ 1 Million. Click Here to see how far we have progressed towards this goal so far. In 2019, we are planning to reach milestone of $ 1 Million against a seed fund target of $ 6 Million. We invite you to participate in this Maha Yagna by contributing in whatever way you can: 

Donate today by Check (preferably)

Checks may be written in favor of Dharma Civilization Foundation and mailed to the following address: 19010 Tribune Street, Porter Ranch CA 91326. 

Alternately, you can make a contribution online by Clicking on the Green Donate Button to the right. 


Name Date Amount Comments
Chandrasekar Raghunandan 12/01/2019 $1,008.00 I'm humbled by your selfless efforts!
Chandrasekar Raghunandan 09/20/2019 $1,008.00  
Chandrasekar Raghunandan 12/17/2018 $800.00  
  Total $2,816.00  
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